Forest Area Safety Taskforce (FAST)
In San Diego County, there are 72 communities and 18 tribal groups at risk of wildfire. Thousands of trees have died because of continuous drought and bark beetle infestation. The 2003 and 2007 wildfires furthered the threat to the forested neighborhoods by leaving dry, lifeless trees on the ground.The amount of dead trees and chaparral in the forested areas of San Diego County continue to be a major threat to public safety.
The Forest Area Safety Taskforce (FAST) was formed in the fall of 2002- and formalized in the spring of 2003- to address life and property safety concerns related to declining forest health and the increasing number of dead, dying, and diseased trees and brush in San Diego County. Formed as a collaborative effort, FAST consists of government agencies, tribal groups, local, state, and federal elected officials, community organizations, and private citizens. FAST identifies communities that are at risk and encourages appropriate fuel treatments, fire education, and FireSafe efforts.
FAST is an advisory body that helps direct money towards protection efforts in San Diego County. FAST is divided into three committees: Outreach and Public Education, Forest Health and Restoration, and Vegetation Management and Fuels Reduction. FAST will continue its work in the hopes of mitigating wildfires' threat to life and property.

RAST is an Ad-Hoc group that is taking a unified, and forward-thinking approach to the facilitation of regional, collaborative fire shed management, planning, and local implementation activities. Members include invited entities from federal, state, and county governments, University of California Cooperative Extension, and other entities that work on regional, county or multi-county levels. Other participants include Fire Safe Councils and businesses that deal with related issues.

The Mountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST) is a coalition of local, state and federal government agencies, private companies and volunteer organizations in San Bernardino and Riverside counties (California). MAST works together to help prevent catastrophic wildfires.